Sl. No. 98; Innu mama bhaagyataru; Kaambhoji; Jhampa; Padam; Malayaalam.

Today all my fortune has delightfully materialized. I hope this will continue always.
It is due to the presence of my Lord, my beloved SRI PADMANABHA reclining on the king serpent.
Ever since childhood I had the pleasure of my ears being filled with your nectarine great exploits, which made me feel that you belonged to me, Oh one with beautiful form like Cupid! Having beheld your lotus like face then, my desire for you has increased two fold eversince. Oh my beloved! You are to young damsels what sun is to lotus!
It is the result of my good deeds done in my previous birth that my Lord has came near me and removed all my miseries forever at once. I do not have any other refuge than you on earth. So Lord! the paragon of virtues, oh noble one! Consider my plight and come at once. Oh one with effulgent form like gold!
Oh my Lord! Please come and embrace me tightly; give your reddish lips to me and remove my anguish. Oh my darling! The arrows of Cupid are annoying me and I have become dependent on you. Kindly come to me without delay, oh the abode of compassion!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)