Sl. No. 97; Indu mukhi; Sankaraabharanam; Ata; Varnam; Malayaalam.
<Sangitha Bharathi>/ Dr K. Omanakutty.

Oh INDUMUKHI-moon faced! Listen to me and reduce my longings.
When will SRI PADMANABHA, whose form is beauty personified, come to me by himself and sport with me?
Oh SARASAVADANE-lotus faced! Please tell my darling, the story that I am afflicted by the arrows of Cupid and loosing courage. I am in deep distress while seeing the bees hovering on the flowers and listening the music of cuckoos. I keep expecting him with a heavy heart to come to me. Oh KAMANI!
I have no refuge.
She is in agony like the NIPA flower (which will blossom only in the rainy season) expecting the rain bearing clouds, she keeps waiting, with the trembling eyes and with fear in her mind!
She with her distress, recollects the most tender lotus feet of her Lord at nights.
What is more to tell about the flow of nectar like compassion of yours, the lotus like hands of yours and the virtuous glory of yours?
Oh beloved one!
Oh the one who has the gait of a king elephant! With all the greatness and charms of such an effulgent one of of my darling, an expert in the amorous sport, residing in the matchless abode of yours, as sung by the like minded poets, how far she became dependent with the intimacy with him, though he is the king and the winner of the confidence of the entire society, oh my KUSALINI-one who brings auspiciousness! Have no other refuge.Oh my dear girl! You should absolve my sufferings; oh my friend! Please remember my deep agony and you will always be like the ring in my finger.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)