Sl. No. 95; Indal iha valarunnu; Surutti; Misra Chapu; Padam; Malayaalam.
Prof. Neyyattinkara Mohanachandran.

Oh MANINI-the noble one! The feelings of longing is ever increasing! What shall I do now?
The interest SRI PADMANABHA had in me, seems to have diminished. Oh TANDAR SARANILAYE -the personification of cupid!
Oh Moon faced! Now the Cupid is shooting spear like arrows on my bosom. Oh my friend! After captivating my heart with great skill, now he betrays me. I had enough of it, is he justified in doing this?
Oh PRAMADARATNA! Even dressing up charmingly is a burden to me because of my yearning for my beloved. Oh KILIMOZHI! Even in my dreams I had no ill-feelings for him, mind you? Oh MANINI!
Go at once to my beloved and tell him all about my feelings. If only my husband has a little sympathy for me, will he now delay coming to me?

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)