Sl. No. 90; Hara svedam kuru modam; Kukubham; Eka; Saanskrit.
Note: Form of composition or musical notation is not known.

Oh Lord of GAURI! Remove my anguish and give me joy. You wear the hide of elephants. Remove the sins done by me in earlier births. You are expert in performing the TANDAVA dance. You gave boons to ARJUNA who had the GANDIVA bow.
You are without blemish, and your speech is like nectar. Your ornaments are serpents. You punish the wicked and you are worshipped by BRAHMA and INDRA. You have an upright blue neck. Your form is lovely red.
You fulfil the desires of the devotees. You wear the crescent moon. You destroy the ASURAs. You give salvation from the worldly life. Your eyes are the sun and the moon. You are accompanied by the BHUTA GANA-s and you are worshipped by PADMANABHA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)