Sl. No.85; Haa hanta vanchitaham; Dhanyaasi; Aadi ; Varnam; Saanskrit.

Alas! I have no other refuge and I feel deceived
Oh Divine Lord PANKAJANHA of nonpareil beauty!
Oh Lord! Please listen!" I will marry you soon" you promised thus. Seized with love, I became radiant with happiness and started decorating myself with flowers and KASTURI-musk,
Oh Venerable Lord! Is this proper?
Is it not a clever deceitful act?
Deceiving a woman who is consumed by desire and deserting her (is it proper)
Oh NIRAJAMUKHA-having face like lotus! Even if decide to insult you by not looking at your lovely lotus face, you just display your sarcastic smile!
You are expert in protecting the virtuous; you have endless compassion. Please take notice of this love-lorn lady. Oh my Lord! Please play the amorous sports like caressing my bosoms, and giving the nectar of your lips, and wipe off my unhappiness. You feet are worshipped by great sages.
Oh Honorable Lord! Is it proper on your part to ignore this most pathetic and helpless refugee, the one who adores NALINANABHA?.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)