Sl. No.82; Gopa nandana; Bhooshavali; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Artist: Smt. Rajasree Warrier.
This is one of the rare ragas used by Swathi.

Oh! The son of NANDAGOPA! You are worshipped by INDRA. Oh! MARAMANA- the Lord of goddess LAKSHMI! Please protect me.
Your glory is sung by the sages. You bestow salvation from the misery of the cycle of birth & death. You shine gloriously with an iridescent golden crown. You are PADMANABHA who vanquished the demon MADHU. May you be victorious!
You destroyed the miseries of ARJUNA. Your gait is like an elephant. The celestials find refuge at your beautiful feet. Yours is the glorious exploit of allaying the fear of GAJENDRA. You are clad in golden hued silk. Your forehead is adorned with KASTURI TILAKA; Your feet are massaged by the son of wind god. You are the ocean of justice, the distinguished son of YADU clan, destroyer of the misery of birth, you are with a form resembling dark rain bearing clouds.
You disperse sins like the wind disperses the cloud, Oh compassionate one! You are perceptible through the VEDA-s, your eyes resemble the petals of the lotus blooming in the autumn, your form surpasses the beauty of Cupid, you sport a beatific smile, you protect the cowherds, oh the light of the moon dynasty! You are adorned with the beautiful feathers of the peacock, and you enchant the devotees, who have shed their egos, please protect me.
Please protect me oh lord of the universe! You, whose face resemble the lotus, and have GARUDA for mount. You are worshipped by BRAHMA, have a forehead like the crescent moon, with shining dark tresses which resemble dark clouds, you annihilate the cruel and formidable demons. You recline on the ocean of milk, wearing KAUSTUBHA garland, which adds to your beauty. Please protect me oh lord! Who reside in SESHAPURA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)