Sl. No. 8; Abadh sukhadayi; Kaapi ; Aadi; Khayal; Hindi
Sri Ambalappuzha Vijayan.

Proclaiming the auspicious tidings, the drums are beaten loudly at AYODHYA.
Lord RAMA is seated on the gem studded throne in the company of Goddess SITA. BHARATA and LAKSHMANA are standing closely and fanning the couple with fly whisk.
People of every village are singing auspicious songs. The celestials are playing the instruments. Lord RAMA vanquished not only RAVANA but also all the demons and gave back the Kingdom of LANKA to VIBHISHANA.
Mother KAUSALAYA took ARATI of the Lord (to caste off evil eyes) Only on this day that mothers wish has been fulfilled. Lord PADMANABHA, who reclines on the serpent, bestows happiness to the three worlds.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)