Sl. No.77A; Gopala Bhakthim Dehi; Bagesri; Adi; Sanskrit.

Let me be devoted to GOPALA, who is the beloved of the cowherd maidens.
He is PANKAJAKSHA, PADMANABHA the remover of sins.
He is NARAYANA, the Ocean of compassion, whose feet are worshiped by NARADA, he snitched milk and fresh butter, reposes on the ocean of milk.
He is associated with PANDAVAs vanquisher of the wicked ones; adorned with ear-rings, and His beautiful neck with KAUSTUBHA.
He is VASUDEVA; protector of virtuous; He is smeared with flower dust. The beauty of His form resembles Cupid.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)