Sl. No.73; Entu cheyyavu; Huseni; Roopaka; Padam; Malayaalam.

Oh SAKHI-friend! What can I do?
Alas! Has PADMANABHA forgotten me totally?
To me, the cool moon is like fire balls; the gentle breeze became my enemy; Cupid is incessantly showering arrows with anger and the humming of the bees breaks my heart!
Is he angry with me having listened to tales of many others? Will my lotus eyed Lord cheat me? I feel like lamenting and crying aloud.
Alas! I am bewildered! Oh the attractive one with the red lotus eyes!
Kindly tell my beloved about my miseries. I request him to be compassionate towards me. Oh the personification of virtues! Come along with him. Oh TARUNI! I have no other support besides him, oh dear!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)