Sl. No.72; Entahamiha sakhi; Yadukula kaambhoji; Misra Chapu; Padam; Malayaalam.

Oh dear SAKHI! What shall I do?
Oh One with shapely bosom! If SRI PADMANABHA does not turn up, what shall I do?
Oh SUMUKHI! What is the real cause for the anger of my beloved? Alas! Cupid is inflicting upon me his flowery arrows! Even gods do not seem to care for me. Oh KAMALAKSHI! Has he betrayed me?
In my heart, my longing for him is ever growing. I am in despair. Oh KALABHASHINI! There is no doubt that I am afflicted by Cupid, oh SYAMALAVENI!
Oh MANINIMANI! Go quickly and tell my beloved about my miseries. I am unable to bear the separation. There is no happiness without Him.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)