Sl. No.64; Devi paavane; Saaveri; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Trichi Sri Ganesan.
This is the composition rendered in the third navarathri night.

Oh DEVI the holy one! I am at the service of your feet, oh one who protects the wise!
Oh BHARATIDEVI! You always grant the worldly desires with your compassionate visage. Goddess of universe! Give me comfort.
Oh BHUVANESVARI! Your charming face excels the moon. You are committed in granting all the desires of the devotees, one who shines with crystals and gem studded ornaments. Your teeth glitter like the jasmine bud; one who is the sun in sweeping away the colossal ignorance of darknes. You have the gait of the king-elephant; you are esteemed by the celestials and you are flawless. Oh the bestower of boons! Goddess of Universe!
Your tresses are like rain laden clouds and eyes have the hue of sapphire. Your eye-brows steal the beauty of the bow of the Cupid and you dwell in the lotus. You are adorned in golden ornaments; NARADA and other sages worship your infinite names. You shine with sweet smiles holding VINA and PUSTAKA - book - in your hand.
Oh Goddess of Universe! You destroyed the sons of DITI-the demons; You are the favourite of SRI PADMANABHA, You have the glory of being celebrated by noble ones devoid of sins and you are the embodiment of knowledge. Like the bird CATAKA depends on the rainy clouds, I seek refuge in you; please favour me by removing my sins. Oh The Mother of Universe! Please bestow your boons on me. You are surrounded by the joyous savants and kindly bestow auspiciousness on me. Oh Goddess of Universe!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)