Sl. No.63; Devi jagajjanani; Sankaraabharanam; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Artist: Trichi Sri Ganesan.
This grand Shankarabharanam piece is the composition rendered in the first navarathri night.

Oh! Mother of the universe!, Please be compassionate and grant me faith to worship at thy feet.
Your feet shine brilliantly by the diadems of the celestials. You are the personification of absolute bliss. Your voice is sweet like that of a parrot.
On thy exquisitely beautiful hand you hold the VINA, and the book. oh Mother, the beauty of your dark tresses puts to shame the numerous dark clouds. the charm of your glance subdues that of a doe, and it removes the sorrows of the devotees. You are adorned with gem encrusted ornaments that have been on the jeweller's stone, polished to brilliance. The ascetics sing your praise, oh! Protector of the learned! oh consort of BRAHMA! infinite one! Immortal goddess!
You are the repository of all arts. Your face is beautiful like the autumnal full moon, which is complete in all segments. Oh enchanting one! your rich tresses are the ones that are on the bowstring of Cupid, who has a fish sign on his person. Eminent sages like SUKA, SANAKA and others worship your lovely feet. The crescent moon adorns your hair, as a topknot. You are seated on the pure lotus. Your feet resemble the fully blossomed lotus. You dispel sorrows of your devotees and bestow bliss on them.
Your form is bedecked with scintillating garland, of the form of astrology, as the nine gems studded necklace. You have the MIMAMSA interpretation of VEDAs and the VEDAs as your thighs. You have the seven AGAMAs as the tinkling bells on your beautiful girdle.Your beautiful palms are the symbolic of the eighteen PURANAs like the PADMAPURANA.Oh Goddess of flawless purity! The personification of knowledge of pristine glory, you are most worshipped in all the three worlds.
On your ruddy lips there is the sparkling brilliant smile. Oh the compassionate one! You take pleasure in protecting those who seek refuge in you. You take delight in the NAVARATRI festival, celebrated in your honour by your devotees. Oh the perfect one! You teeth are like jasmine buds, Oh incomparable and compassionate goddess, please grant me unalloyed devotion at thy feet. Oh one who is worthy of praise! Please remove all my sins and bestow good fortune.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)