Sl. No.61; Deva Paalaya Muraare; Asaaveri; Aadi; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
This kriti is on Ambalapuzha Krishnan, Aalappuzha district, Kerala.

Oh Lord MURARI! Son of DEVAKI! SAURI! Oh DEVARAJASAHAJA brother of INDRA! Sacredson of VASUDEVA! Protector me!
I always prostrate at thy feet and belong to you forever.
You adorn lovely necklace shining like star; you have moon-like face; you broke the bow of SIVA-the enemy of Cupid; your form is equal to crores of CUPIDS; you have lotus petal-like eyes. You are the consort of SRI LAKSHMI. With endless compassion, redeem me from all the worldly afflictions.
You, adorned with shining ear rings on both your ears, you are the progenitor of Cupid, and destroyer of the demon PANCAJANA. You ornate with the peacock feather in your head; your lovely form has the hue of the peacock feather, oh BHAGAVAN! atleast now, show me a little of your grace.
Oh GOVINDA! You reside at AMBARA river (Ambalappuha); adorns yellow garments. You have conch-like neck; you hold in your hand a cudgel curved like conch. You have lips resembling the BIMBA fruit. You enjoy the BIMBA-fruit-like lips of RADHA; you appear as a cowherd. Oh AMBUJANABHA! SRI KRISHNA! You are the beacon-light of CANDRAKULA!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)