Sl. No. 58; Devaki suta paahimaam ; Madhyamaavathi; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

HARE! MUKUNDA! Oh son of DEVAKI! Kindly protect me.
I serve at your feet every day. Oh supreme suzerain! You protect three worlds out of compassion. You have GARUDA as your mount.
You are to the host of enemies what sun is to darkness. You allay the fears of the celestials, who worship your feet. Oh one with eyes resembling lotus! You have the glory of venerated by INDRA.You have the glory of giving salvation from the existense. Oh the repository of noble virtues! Now I have no other refuge but you! Your raiment shines like the sun.You were benevolent to your hapless friend KUCELA. You are the brother of INDRA.You are extolled by SIVA. You are born to the most beautiful DEVAKI,
Oh Preceptor! Do bless me! You annihilated the whole clan of demons like MURA and others, who were the enemies of celestials. Your feet are revered by INDRA and others. Oh the consort of RAMA! You are the most benevolent Lord; immaculate one! The brilliance of the gem KAUSTUBHA adorning your conch-like neck, out shines that of Sun. You are the personification of infinite stream of virtues. Oh brave one! You are benevolent like dark cloud. Oh Powerful Lord! You were taken away forcefully from the lady-DEVAKI.
You are worshipped by MARKADEYA, PARASURAMA and RSHYASRNGA. Your tresses adorned with peacock feather. Your forehead shines like crescent moon. Your beautiful cheeks are reflecting the jewelled ear pendant. You are dark like the autumnal clouds. You are darker than collyrium. You subdued thee pride of KALIYA the king of serpents, like the whirlwind disperses dense clouds.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)