Sl. No.53; Daani saamajendra; Thodi; Aadi ; Varnam; Saanskrit
Artist: Smt. Binni Krishnakumar.

Oh SAMAJENDRAGAMINI-having the gait of king elephant! You are benevolent. Pray, lovely maiden, I am consumed by desire, pining for the love of my lord.
Oh Estimable and agreeable friend! The Pleasant days of the spring season has become worthless and wasted, because the venerable SRI PADMANABHA has abandoned me.
Oh MADHUPAVENI-hair like the swam of bees! I am afflicted in the night by the arrow-like rays emitting from the full moon, which reminds me of my youthful matchless lord.
Swarm of bees are humming.
The cuckoo birds, perching on the tree are engaged in warm embrace.
ALAS! I alone remain still separated from my beloved. Lord has largely left me helpless without any other resource than your help.
Friend! Please bring my virtuous lord unto me, who alone can remove all my anguish. Please bring forth my charming and benevolent lord, whose lips are adorned with everlasting sweet smile. His words are as sweet as honey.
I cannot bear the weight of the flowery arrows of Cupid any longer. My heavy bosom is pulsating uncontrollably like a slender creeper. Oh my friend! Tell me, why the great lord is not coming to rejuvenate me and save me from withering away?
My friend! I request you to fulfil my heart's desire for the immediate company of my lord. Just like the CAKORA-the ruddy goose, I am helpless and frustrated by the pangs of separation. Nothing in this life, even the sight of bright morning horizon, the cool breeze from the mountain carrying the fragrance of the morning flowers; I swear, brings me solace and happiness. Hence, oh KAMINI! I entreat you to bring my lord, whose is the paragon of finest attributes, to me immediately.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)