Sl. No.52; Chinthaye padmanaabham; Mohanam; Chaapu; Keerthanam; aanskrit.

I meditate upon SRI PADMANABHA, who is generous; the consort of SRIDEVI and BHUDEVI.
Your feet are sought after forever as refuge by SIVA and the other celestials; the one with lotus like eyes. In my heart, I meditate upon.
Your form which is very attractive, is praise worthy; Your radiant smile resembles the jasmine buds; You recline on the serpent-bed; You are adorned with shining weapons like the sword NANDAKA; Your face equals the moon; teeth like the crystals; vanquisher of the demon MURA and one who protects the devotees. Destroyer of evils created by the wicked ones; one who protects the people; excels the clouds in beauty; adorned with the golden crown which dazzles with multiple gems; embodiment of virtues; worshipped by BRAHMA; Your toe-nail shines like crescent moon; Your feet resemble the newly blossomed lotus. Remover of the dreadful miseries of those who surrender and the supreme being of the entire universe.
One who saved the king-elephant from the miseries; a refuge to ascetics who are desireless; a very compassionate one in eagerly bestowing prosperity; the ultimate source for the adorable; effulgent with the golden ornaments; neck adorned with VANAMALA; You are the bestower of all the desired boons. You held aloft the mountain MANDARA. Adorned with golden yellow attire, eyes like the sun and moon; You are the like serpent to the enemies who cause trouble to the world, having elegant things like the trunk of an elephant; one who indulged in glorious, sacred incarnations, like MATSYA, KURMA, VARAHA etc... One who dispelled the wicked ones and supported the hapless.
One who burnt to cinders the wild fire-like worldly life; reposes amidst the milky ocean; glorified by NARADA and others; blows away all the sins, just as the wind does to cotton. Effulgent like the shining pearl; radiates with pure crimson hued KAUSTUBHA; worshipped by the people around; Your chest shines with the SRIVATSA mark, made by the touch of the feet of the sage BHRGU(Re: BHAGAVATA-DASAMASKANDHA). Seated on GARUDA; hair with the fragrance of flowers like PARIJATA; lips that excels the reddish beauty of the BIMBA fruit; You hold the conch, lotus etc. in your lotus-like hands. The auspicious one; all the scriptures recite and expound that you have hundreds of faces. BRAHMA who resides in the white lotus that emerges from your illustrious lotus-like naval. I meditate upon SRI PADMANABHA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)