Sl. No.50; Centar Sayaka;Maniprvalapadam; Yadukula kambhoji

Oh beloved one with the form like Cupid! Do listern to me.
Oh PADMANABHA! Dear one! This is the apt time to enjoy.
Oh my darling! My desires keep growing. I am afflicted by the arrows of Cupid. Please embrace me tightly and satisfy my desire.
Oh AMBUJAMUKHA! Make me happy with your sweet talk.
I keep seeing your lovely face in my mind. This increases my longing for your. Oh One whose effulgent form excels that of gold! Paragon of virtues! Do not be angry, oh One with jasmine bud-like teeth!
Even a few moments of separation from you appears as year! I prostrate at your feet, do come near me, quickly give red lips and make me happy, oh beautiful Lord!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)