Sl. No.49; Chapala sampadaniha; Bhairavi; Misra Chapu; Varnam; Saanskrit.

Oh Lord SARASIJANABHA! You are extolled by ascetics. My mind is wavering and diffident. Please protect me.
You are the abode of infinite bliss; worshipped by SIVA, BRAHMA and others. Bless me at once with good fortune, oh suzerain of the universe!
You have the faculty to make yourself huge at will, you give joy to multitude of people; allayed the fear of GAJENDRA. The beauty of your feet surpasses that of lotus. You destroy pride and cherish the scholars. Your soft smile is unrivalled. You fulfilled the desire of GARUDA. You are the destroyer of evils. You sustain the world; repose on the ocean of milk. You are devoid of blemishes. You are more than the benevolent rain laden clouds.
Oh quintessence of soft words!
You are as beautiful as Cupid is. You are the embodiment of compassion. Your face is charming like the lotus.
You protected ARJUNA. You are understood by the scriptures. You have esteemed GARUDA as your mount. You remove illusion. Your generosity excels that of the ocean. Your teeth are brilliant like pieces of mirrors.
Your feet are adored by PRAHLADA, GAJENDRA and a host of celestials. Oh the gem of YADU clan! Oh DHARANIDHARA! You sustain the universe; you subdued the pride of BRAHMA. Your dark and rich tresses resemble the rain bearing clouds.
Oh pure one! With the majestic gait of an elephant, let me be the recipient of your supreme justice and compassion. ADISESHA and GARUDA are close to your heart. You are revered by those without sins. You subdued the pride of ocean. You have exquisite red lips. Please give me bliss at once. Oh one who pierced seven trees with a single arrow. The adroit vanquisher of demon MURA! You are the refuge of pious devotees. One with eyes like lotus.
Your speech is the quintessence of softness. Your raiment shines like molten gold. Oh PARAMAPURUSHA! Please destroy my sins that are formidable and dense like forest.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)