Sl. No.46; Chaaru pankaja; Kaambhoji; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh Lord! with your lotus-like elegent arms, you welcome in to your folds those who worship your feet. Oh the supreme Lord to your followers! Protect me!
You are resplendent in wearing the crown encrusted with gems such as diamonds. Enchanter of the hearts of a hords of cowherd damsels!
Oh destroyer of evils! Oh MADHAVA! Your form is like dark clouds. You conquered the wicked BHAUMA-the demon NARAKA. You are worshipped with great joy by the learned and eminent ones. The beauty of thy form surpasses that of Cupid. You possess rich and dark tress. You are full of peerless virtues, Oh Light of YADU clan! You annihilate all the woes of this worldly existence, of those who worship your feet. Oh Lord GIRIDHARA! You held aloft the mountain. You are the foe of demon MURA.
Your gait is more majestic than that of the lordly elephant. Oh Lord of all!, You have GARUDA-the enemy of serpent as your vehicle. You are adorned with yellow raiment and are served by BRAHMA. Your neck is adorned with pure and gorgeous garlands. Oh brave warrior! Your exploits at MADHUVANA are incomparable. Your face resembles that of the moon.
Lord PADMANABHA! Please show me kindness. I cherish in my heart, your lotus-like feet, which are venerated by INDRA and others, and is caressed by goddess BHUDEVI and SRIDEVI. You enchant the whole world. Your forehead shines with the mark of musk paste. You put an end to the fear of cowherds, Oh Lord PADMANABHA!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)