Sl. No.43; Bhogindra saayinam; Kuntala varaali; Jhampa; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
This keerthanam makes reference to the Padamanabha Swami temple in Trivandrum (to the Padma Theertham and the festival procession vehicle introduced by Swathi's illustrious ancestor, Marthanada Varma). Popularised by Dr Semmangudi, Dr. M.S. Subbalakshmi and Dr. Palakkad K V Narayana Swami and many others.Swathi's role model, Margadarshi Shesha Iyyengar has composed a song rhyming with this, which possibly inspired Swathi.

I prostrate the immortal one who reclines on the king-serpent, bestower of prosperity to the Puru dynasty.
Oh PADMANABHA! Your feet are worshipped by BRAHMA, SIVA, INDRA and other celestials.
One who resides in the gem studded mansion in the snow white island amidst the milky ocean. One who is forever worshipped by NARADA, GARUDA and the devoted ascetics. One who is adorned with the radiant divinely weapons SUDARSANA and NANDAKA.The embodiment of prosperity, having lotus like feet which are worshipped by celestials. Oh PADMANABHA!
You took the adorable child like form due to the extreme devotion of the meritorious sage DIVAKARA; Your pranks were restrained by the hands of the YOGI while snitching away the SALAGRAMA of daily worship. Out of compassion for the swiftly searching sage, you became steadfast near the tree in ANANTHAPURA. Oh PADMANABHA!
You, being extolled by the sage, took a beautiful form for the sake of his devotion. You are surrounded by the holy PADMATIRTTHA, redeeming all woes and miseries. You are praised by AGASTYA, MAHENDRA, TRIKUTA and MALAYACALENDRA. You are resplendent on the golden VIMANA made by VANCI MARTHANDA VARMA - the annihilator of wickeds.
You are adorned by the crown, lusterous as the sun, the fish-shaped ear-rings, pearl garlands, KAUSTUBHA, shining PITAMBARA, golden girdle around the waist and beautiful VANAMALA. You delight in LAKSHADIPA-festival of lamps in lakhs-and other daily UTSAVA-rituals done by the sinless and unparallel Kings of VANCI. Oh! PADMANABHA, whose eyes brim with the nectar of compassion and which are akin to the softest inner petals of the lotus.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)