Sl. No.42; Bho chinthayami; Bhairavi; Jhampa; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Note: This is the same as Composition No 51; Chintayaami te; Bhairavi, except the word "Bho" in the beginning.

Oh Lord! reflect upon your lotus feet, which is more tender than the divine creeper of bounty.
Oh the sovereign of the universe! You are attended upon by SIVA and BRAHMA. Oh Lord of RAMA!
Progenitor of Cupid! You are the cause of creation of this world consisting of the sentient and insentient. Your form is beautifully dark like the TAMALA leaf, and praised by those who have conquered their senses. You removed the miseries of the celestials. Your feet are the only refuge for the people. You are worshipped by all beings of the universe. You are the repository of all beings of the universe. You are the repository of all that is beautiful. Your glory is extolled by a host of eminent seers. Oh the suzerain of the earth! You reduced the burden of the world. Paragon of virtues, You saved the elephant GAJENDRA. You are the redeemer who helps us to cross this fierce and unfathomable ocean of existence. You annihilate adroitly the formidable hordes of enemies.
Your eyes are like autumnal lotus. You have GARUDA as the mount. Oh brave Lord! Protector of the cattle in BRNADAVANA! Distinguished son of the sacred family of SURA. Your handsome form is smeared with sandal paste. Oh MUKUNDA! You are adorned with diamonds and other gems. OH gem of the YAD clan! You have mighty and incomparable beautiful arms. You vanquished the fierce and angry BHAUMA the NARAKASURA. You are an ocean brimming with compassion. You are adorned with garlands. You are to the wicked what a great fire is to the forest. Oh consort of LAKSHMI! You are adorned with golden yellow robes.
You are seldom attainable by those who are wicked. You have courage to INDRA. Most handsome Lord! you sport in your hands a discus, a mace, a conch and a lotus. You are very benevolent, engrossed implying the flute. Your teeth shine like brilliant mirrors. Your lips are red like the hibiscus flower. Your dark tresses resemble the clouds. Your words are sweet like ambrosia. Oh son of VASUDEVA! You enchant everyone with a sweet smile. Destroyer of the arms of BANASURA. You are the abode of bliss. Oh Lord PADMANABHA! Your face resembles a fully blossomed lotus.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)