Sl. No. 4; Aandolika vahane; Aananda bhairavi; Chaapu; Utsavaprabhandam; Malayaalam.
Artist: Dr K. Omanakutty

The lord of the universe, SRI PADMANABHA glitters on the chariot ANDOLIKA VAHANA.
He adorns fresh flower garlands, is surrounded by bees sucking the honey from flowers.
The charming maidens are overwhelmed with joy thinking that this must be Cupid.
The enlightened sages realised that He is the essence of VEDA-s
The celestials like INDRA and others proclaim that He is the suzerain of the world.
The devotees with the assurance say that He is indeed, Lord PADMANABHA, the ocean of love.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)