Sl. No:381; Yojaya pada nalinena; Kalyaani; Chaapu; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh Lord! Please fix my mind at your feet. Hail! RAGHUVIRA!
One who is unparallel, whose hands excel the beauty of Cupid and offers the sign of protection with the right hand.
One who is nurtured by KAUSALYA the gem among the women; having the hue of emerald, which equals the colour of crores of bees; adorns the lap of the great emperor DASARATHA; engaged in apt childhood plays: the colour of the gentle palm surpasses the hue of the dark red coral; the great remarkable palm indicates that it is governed with the divine mark of SANKHA-conch and CAKRA-wheel.
Went along with the sage VISVAMITRA the master of oblations; to protect the oblations, He vanquished in the battle with ease and dedication, the clever MARICA and the other wickeds who repeatedly disturbed the YAGA-s throwing blood and flesh; He has the glory of subduing INDRA; He was like the sun to darkness in removing the misfortunes of the sage GAUTAMA; while fixing the arrow at ease with His mighty thumb to the divine bow, the earth worshipped.
While the king of VIDEHA gives his daughter in marriage by offering ceremonial water, He was shining like molten gold, by the worship offered by SITA with her eyes resembling lotus-petal, who advances at a close proximity with her head bowed down. He had the power of facing the rugged PARASURAMA and subjugating him; surrounded by the people of KOSALA and the sages.
With due respect and regard to the command of the one, to whom he was born; JANAKA-DAASARATHA, He left His birth-place, Passing through mountains, trees and creepers to the hermitage. He went in search of the golden deer that was attractive to SITA. Just by kicking the skeleton of the formidable DUNDHUBI, He gained the trust of the son of sun-god SUGRIVA. In the process of killing BALI, He lodged himself behind a tree and split the all powerful BALI.
One who gave the eternal prosperity to the gentle eminent VIBHISHANA who surrendered unto Him; one was content holding the tender hands of ANJANEYA, a scholar in divine scriptures; showered arrows on the ocean like rays of stringed beads; immediately built the SETU with the host of monkeys; arrived at the ridges of SUVELA mountains.
One who has the reputation of severing the cluster of necks of RAVANA, and drencing his necks with blood; proficient in removing the miseries and giving joy to SITA who was waiting for Him longingly. One who possesses the shining gem studded sandals returned by BHARATA; adorned with armour effulgent with shining rays; one who adroitly relieved the people of SAKETA from their heart rending sorrow felt by them during his long absence.
One who is effulgent with the crown, brought by the group of DEVA-s, which is aromatic with the fragrant flower pollen of the celestial tree. The one who is eternal; who is skillful in destroying those who deviate from DHARMA-the right path; one who adorns the befitting throne of the solar dynasty; one who dwells like the swan in the lotus like hearts of the sages. He was seated on the throne in the company of beautiful SITA, who is the gem among maidens.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)