Sl. No:379; Visveswara darshan; Sindhu Bhairavi; Roopakam ; Bhajan; Hindi.
This is perhaps the best known among Hindustani pieces of Swathi. He has physically traveled only from Padmanabhapuram to Alleppy, but his kshetra kritis stretch out to Guruvayoor, Pudukkottai, Thiruvaroor and Benares (Kasi), this bhajan being on Kasi Visweswara. The year Swathi assumed the throne, he renovated the building owned by Travancore royal family in Benares. One year after his death, his physical remains were sent to Benares for immersion.

Oh MIND! Do undertake pilgrimage to KASI to have the vision of Lord VISVESVAR.
If you pray to him with love, He, the compassionate one, will surely cut asunder the cycle of birth & death for you.
The river GANGA flows through the city like pure milk. On the banks of the river a host of sages reside.
The Lord smears His form with holy ash, holds a trident in His hands. A serpent adorns His neck. He Shares His form with GIRIJA the daughter of mountains. All the people of the three worlds are at His feet.
Oh Mind! Do worship the lotus-eyed Lord PADMANABHA and the three eyed MAHESVARA and be immortal.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)