Sl. No:371; Varayamasurami; Ahari; Ata; Upaakhyaanam; Saanskrit.

Those divine messengers of Lord Hari, who came there, addressed the messengers of YAMA- the god of death-and said.
Having witnessed AJAMILA being tied up by the rope of the god of death, those messengers with their infinite strength, and speed, stopped the messengers of death, and spoke thus: "Oh do not take AJAMILA! Release him at once!"
Hearing this, The YAMAKINKARA-s retorted: "Why are you preventing us from carying out our duty as commissioned by our master YAMA?".
Having thus told, the orderlies of PADMANABHA replied in a voice that is more formidable than the sound of thundering clouds as follows:

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)