Sl. No:364; Valayunniha; Varaali; Roopaka; Padam; Malayaalam.
Artist: Dr K. Omanakutty.

I am always haunted by this excessive desire. I feel helpless in dealing with this unsolvable problem. Oh MANINI! I feel orphaned. Oh VARALIRUCIVENI-having hair of the hue of bee! To whom can I confide about any miseries?
Oh Beautiful one! I never thought that it would come to such a pass between my beloved, who resembles cupid. All the things that he told me have become mockery. Oh MANINI! Does he not have even a small amount of compassion for me? I spend sleepless nights everyday without a break . It is frustrating and indescribable to exist like this.
The beauty of his face outshines that of the moon. He is an expert in amorous sports. His speech is as mellifluous as his smile is beautiful. The loveliness of his lips surpasses that of the BIMBA fruit. His eyes are like blue lotus. Oh MADHUVANI! MANINI! Reflecting incessantly upon these attributes, I am becoming frustrated with even increasing desires.
Oh NALINADALANAYANE! -having eyes resembling lotus petal- without tarrying and trifling, please go to Lord PADMANABHA and reveal all my sorrows to him. Oh KAMINIMANI! Please tell him that I am forlorn and am becoming an object of mockery among my friends, and that they denigrate me. Oh KALABHAGAMINI!-having the gait of an elephant! Please tell him not to let such things happen to me.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)