Sl. No:357; Tellu polum kripa; Kurinji; Chaapu; Padam; Malayaalam.

Oh my beloved! Don't you have even a little compassion for me? Am I, the hopeless one, don't deserve your affection?
Slowly, the moon is rising up; the gentle breeze is fragrant; the Cupid is showering arrows of flowers; oh the one! effulgent as the clouds! Why are you angry with me today?
Your face that excels the moon, your gentle smile that attracts the women, the beautiful form that is worshipped even by Cupid, oh SIVA! SIVA!! all these add fuel to my passion everyday.
One who is having lotus like eyes! The embodiment of auspiciousness, fulfil my desires without delay; oh Lord! You are engrossed in favoring those unfortunate people of this world, immersed in miseries! Oh PADMANABHA! Repository of compassion!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)