Sl. No:353; Syaananduresan; Kurinji; Chaapu; Utsavaprabhandam; Malayaalam.

There is nothing to equal the bliss that one gets, when the Lord comes in procession on the vehicle GARUDA.
While looking at this wonderful sight, the great sages with joy-filled hearts, standing in front of the charming Lord PADMANABHA praising the Lord thus;
Oh Lord; The lotus eyed! The ocean of mercy, the friend of the hapless, the substratum of the fourteen worlds, protect us forever!
Oh Lord! The bestower of boons! Like how the darkness is cleared when the sun rises, all the miseries in the world, due to bad KARMA deeds vanish away by worshiping Thy feet.
Oh Lord! The delight of SRIDEVI and BHUDEVI, you are like the 'which yielding celestial tree, the KALPA VARKSHA' to the devotees. Can anyone who meditate upon your lotus feet, have miseries?
Oh the Lord who manifested as MASYA, KURMA etc. and gave boundless bliss to the celestials; oh PADMANABHA! the embodiment of knowledge whose feet are worshipped by the blemishless sages devoid of undesirable qualities like greed, pride etc.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)