Sl. No:350; Sumukhi sukhamode; Saurashtram; Aadi ; Padam; Malayaalam.

Oh SUMUKHI! Please do not forget the amorous sports we indulged in.
My mind, which has been under the influence of Cupid's arrows, is depressed.
Weren't we engrossed with each other indulging in amorous sport, on the decorated bed in the huge mansion? While we were engaged, you spoke sweet words that you will not forget me forever. Have you forgotten all those coy entreaties? Oh one with soft gait like swan! Teeth like mirrors! I proclaimed that you are the gem among soft-spoken maidens, and you are the repository of all the honorable and enchanting attributes. Come close to me with great love and let us be together.
Oh the beautiful one! I am sleepless and losing my courage. RUDRASIROMANI-the moon has appeared in the sky, its rays are scorching me like red-hot fire. I have already been afflicted by Cupid and every day my mind is in turmoil. Please come and hold me in tight embrace. Oh one whose bosom is adorned with pearl necklace! Oh charming, enticing and unmatched! Your form is alluring and attractive. Please satisfy me. Do not ignore. Have you no love for me? Or Cupid has no compassion? Oh long-eyed! Speak to me with your sweet honey-soaked words.
Does your bosom resemble the golden pots belonging to the Cupid's kingdom? Or are they brimming with nectar? Are they the twin repositories filled with the essence of all the sentiments? Or they marvellous sculpture created by Cupid resembling the snowy golden peaks of HIMALAYA? Oh my god!! SIVA SIVA! Are they the ones capable of quenching my fervent yearning? Are they the golden lotus-buds? The beautiful shining bosom, the treasure-trove of all beauty, increases my longing for you and drown me in the ocean of desires. Oh passionate one! Do not delay anymore, the night is slipping away. Please let go of your pride and come to me.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)