Sl. No.35; Bhai lo piya; Surutti; Aadi; Khayal; Hindi.

Oh my darling! The moon-lit night creates the right atmosphere for love. Do spend the night in my company.
In the radiant light of the lightning, let us sway shoulder to shoulder; making garland of all flowers I shall adorn you to my heart's content.
I shall anoint your form with ABIR-fragrant colour powder, and open myself to you. The separation during the day will be compensated. I shall adopt myself to suit you.
I was indulging with the worldly matters which were the cause for my unhappiness and I have realised that I am part of you, the supreme and want to be united with you.
No one will care for me and offer comfort but you Lord PADMANABHA who dwells in the hearts of virtuous ascetics. Come to me and take care of me.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)