Sl. No:348; Suma saranayi; Kaambhoji; Ata; Padam; Malayaalam.

Oh SUMUKHI one with charming face! The Cupid is aiming his arrows at me; what can I do?
I never expected that my Lord, who has a face resembling the autumnal moon will deceive me like this!
He has the charming eye- brows which put to shame the bow of Cupid, with which He is striking at me and breaking my heart.
Oh distinguished one among lovely maidens! All the amorous sports in which we thoroughly indulged ourselves now seem to be like dream.
The lovely sports which he has done with my bosom and on the flower bed I have continued the sports with Him, and when He gave His lips which put to shame the nectar. Oh my friend ALIVENI! By recollecting all those amorous sports held during the spring season in the midst of cuckoo's cool calling! Oh KALAKANTHI! I am frustrated.
Dear VIDHUMUKHI-moon faced! Please go at once to my lord SRI PADMANABHA, reposing on the bed of serpent and tell him to redeem me from the ocean of desire and immerse me in the ocean of bliss! His feet are worshipped by BRAHMA and others.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)