Sl. No:347; Sumarana kar; Savithri ; Aadi; Bhajan; Hindi.
Artist: Dr. B. Arundhathi.

Oh Mind! Do meditate on Lord HARI, the distinguished son of YADU clan, who dwells in the city of DHARMA.
The Lord redeemed the wicked ones in a moment. People like PIPA, SUDHAMA, BESVA and AJAMILA were rescued by Him.
He took incarnations as a great fish, tortoise, great boar and man-lion form. He subdued the pride of king BALI, when He took the form of VAMANA. He took other incarnations also, as PARASURAMA, BALARAMA and KALKI in order to destroy wicked ones.
SIVA, SANAKA, BRAHMA and others, day and night meditate on His form. This enchanting son of NANDA held aloft the mountain GOVARDHANA for seven nights. Worship Him as RAMAKRISHNA, MADHUSUDANA, PURUSHOTTAMA and lord of VRAJA, the vanquisher of MURA. He is our lord PADMANABHA, who gave refuge to JAMBAVAN. He will reform the wicked ones of this earth.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)