Sl. No:345; Sri ramana vibho; Aarabhi; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Popularised by Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna (Cassette from Magna Sounds, "Kerala Raja Swathi Thirunal Krithis"). Fond of the structure of this song, Dr Balamuralikrishna has also written his own sahithya for this.

Oh the beloved consort of goddess SRIDEVI! I offer my obeisance to you. You are ever engrossed in protecting those who seek refuge in you.
Oh MADHAVA! you removed from the hearts of the cowherds the fear of serpent KALIYA.
You are the personification of compassion; you annihilated demons like PUTANA, SAKATA, DHENUKA etc. You are expert in playing flute.
You are adorned with beautiful feather of peacock on your head.
You are extolled by SIVA,BRAHMA and INDRA. Your rich tresses bear the fragrance of the flowers of divine trees. The lusture of your form resembles the dark clouds. You danced on the hood of KALIYA. You bewitch the hearts of the whole lot of cowherd damsels.
Your gait resembles the lordly elephant. You are the treasure trove of all noble attributes. Your prowess is infinite in the world. You are the jewel of the YADU clan. MURAHARA! You amused yourself in MADHUVANA on the banks of river YAMUMA. Oh JANARDDANA! You are the swan in the ever fresh PARIJATA flower like hearts of sages such as NARADA and others.
You are the brother of BALARAMA. You are adept in removing the formidable miseries. You eyes resemble lotus. Your countenance is sweet and smiling . Your neck is adorned with peerless VANAMALA. You are the mighty BHAUMA what winds are to clouds. Oh PADMANABHA! your visage is charming. You hold the weapons-conch and discus in your arms.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)