Sl. No:344; Sri raamachandra; Thodi; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Artist: Sri E. N. Sajith.

Oh! SRI RAMACHANDRA! Guide us to have good thoughts. You are the ocean of compassion.
The majestically held bow and arrow shine in your hands. You are valiant and merciful. You are the paragon of virtues and embodiment of knowledge. The host of celestials prostrate unto you.
Oh RAMA! Vanquisher of dreadful demons, your face is bright, glowing like the full moon. You are the most magnificent among men and you are the gem of the RAVI VAMSA. Oh JANAKIRAMA!-The delight of JANAKI! You are the protector of ascetics.
Oh KAMBUKANTHA- one with conch-like neck! Adorned with gem studded golden garland, you are surrounded by a host of monkeys including NILA, NALA, HANUMAN and others, in whose company you manifest your marvellous LILAs- sports. In destroying the ego and bestowing generously, you are like the celestial tree. You broke the majestic bow of KALAKALA-the SIVA.
Oh! Valiant PANKAJANABHA! One whose hair surpasses the rain bearing clouds. Oh the Lord of Universe! Your lotus-like feet are worshipped by INDRA. Oh the charming SARASIRUHALOCANA-the lotus eyed! You obliterate the worldly bondage and liberate those taking refuge in you.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)