Sl. No:343; Sri raamachandra; Huseni; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Artist: Prof. Neyyattinkara Mohanachandran.

Oh SRI RAMACANDRA! Please reside in my heart. Oh Lord RAMA, you are as unfathomable as the ocean.
You sport a bow and arrow in your arms, which you used to annihilate the demon KHARA. Your eyes brim with the sentiment of compassing.
Your feet are extolled by KAUSIKA and other seers. Your form is marvelous. You are the repository of the most desirable great virtues. You are the refuge of all the worlds. You destroy all the miseries of those who worship your feet. The beauty of your tresses surpasses that of the dark clouds.
The beauty of your form destroys the pride of crores of Cupids. Please Lord, give me good fortune! You are the gem of the MANU -dynasty You are easy to be realised by those who surrender unto to you. Your tresses always smell with the fragrance of PARIJATHA flower. Oh compassionate Lord! Your face resembles the full moon.
You are the delight in the heart of Goddess JANAKI. Oh PADMANABHA! Omnipresent one! Lord of the universe! You are adored by BRAHMA and other celestials. Oh HARE! scion of Solar race! You are the conqueror of RAVANA-the one with ten heads. Oh most pure! You are surrounded by arboreal once.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)