Sl. No.34; Bhagavan samayoyam; Asaaveri; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh Glorious Lord! This is the right time to bless me with your propitious glance.
Your left side is adorned by the daughter of mountain- PARVATI and have decorated your entire body with the king serpent.
You have adorned the beautiful crescent moon on your head, you held the golden hued MANDARA mountain as your bow, your anger burnt the Cupid into ashes, Oh MAHITA-the esteemed! You are the embodiment of knowledge. You severed the head of impertinent DAKSHA, you are the expert in protecting the group of demigods, VISHNU, the slayer of demon MURA, set his glace on you, you carry nectar filled mendicancy, you are extolled by NARADA and a multitude of devoted followers and your form resembles the autumnal cloud. You ward off the sorrows of all those who surrender unto you and fulfil their desires and bring prosperity unto them. Your feet are lender and beautiful like the lotus and you are the life-boat for those drowning in the ocean of miseries of wordily afflictions.
You subdued the arrogance of the mighty GAJASURA and protected the afflicted from fear, you are adorned with elephant-skin, the whole world worships your sacred feet, your abode is treasure of splendor, you sweet smile reminds the brilliance of jasmine. Your face and form are most beautiful and captivating to the whole world, you are the terminator of the formidable cycle of birth & death. You adorn the crescent moon in you head and auspicious TILAKA on your forehead. You are the beloved of charming HAIMAVATI, whose glance is filled with endless compassion, you hold a deer in your hand and you have VRSHABHA-the sacred bull as your vehicle. Please shower your blessings on me.
You enjoy the pleasure of having your abode in the KAILASA mountain, you held a DAMARU a small drum-and SULA-trident on your lotus-hand, a burning flame-the third eye-is shining in your forehead, sportingly you swallowed the deadly Poison (generated during the churning the milky ocean). You released the son of sage MRKANDU-the MARKKANDEYA-from the death noose and subdued the arrogance of KALA the god of death. Oh Lord SIVA (DRUHINA)! wearing a garland of skulls. You dwell in the lotus-heart of your devotees. You are the remover of excessive tendencies of amourous sports-enemy of Cupid. Adorned with the glittering crescent moon, you carry SARIDVARA the GANGA in your illustrious thick tresses. Oh NILIKARI-SIVA! You have a blazing third eye on your forehead. You ward off the sorrows and afflictions of worldly life. Without your blessings I would not have had words or the ability to converse.
(alphabet, music and maths are said to have originated from the sound of DAMARU held in the hand of PARAMASIVA)

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)