Sl. No:338; Sooma saayaka; Kaapi; Roopaka; Varnam; Saanskrit.
Artist: Dr B. Arundhathi.
T Lakshmanan Pillai, composer and writer says in his article on "Travancore Music and Musicians" that Vadivelu seems to have had some hand in composing this Varnam. He opines that the Varnam stands out from among Swathi compositions with a distinctiveness of style that reveals foreign authorship. "Unlike other Varnams, its Pallavi (or burden) is decked with beautiful variations, variations which bespeak some acquaintance with the compositions of Tiagayya", he concludes. It is known that a Telugu sahithya for this varnam was popularized by Tanjore quartettes in Tamilnadu.

Oh KADHAVA! protect the one afflicted by the Cupid, the SUDATI-one with beautiful teeth, who is very much in discomfort.
One who is sleeping in a marvelous bed and cherishing the amorous sport that she played with you in her heart and those moments are Killing her! Oh SARASIRUHANABHA!
Alas! The pitiable MANINI-lady!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)