Sl. No:335; Sohanisvarupa; Raagamaalika; Chow; Dhrupad; Hindi.
Artist: <Sangita Bharathi>/Dr K Omanakutty.
This beautiful composition has raga mudras in it as follows: Sohini, Deep, Bhibhas, Malhar, Manirang, Kanada, Sarang, Hindol, Atana and Shyam. The current rendering does not follow these ragas.

Oh SYAMASUNDARA! Your form is most beautiful; face resembles the moon; along with SRIDEVI, you enjoy in the VRINDAVANA.
Your INRANILA-blue form surpasses that of Cupid. You remain in the heart of those who recite your sacred names. Kindly reside in my mind. Oh SYAMA!I could see your beauty in SRIPADMANABHA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)