Sl. No:325; Seve sreekaantham; Mohana kalyaani; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit. Artist: Dr. B. Arundhathi.
This raga has the arohana of Mohanam and avarohana of Kalyani and is believed to be a creation of Swathi Thirunal. None of his contemporaries are known to have composed in this raga anyway.

I serve the lord who is the beloved of SRILAKSHMI, and great in giving boons.
You are verily the death incarnate to the enemies of celestials. You are supreme in protecting the hapless ones. your form resembles Cupid.
The woes of your devotees are removed by your sweet smile, which dazzles like jasmine flowers. You incarnated as a cowherd and removed the distress of all. You were the fortune of the people of VRNDAVANA. Oh flawless one! you nose resembles the sesame flower.
You have the great GARUDA for mount. You are the bee hovering among the lotus like heart of sages like NARADA. You recline on the king of serpents. Oh omniscient lord! Your infinitely exquisite feet are the source of river GANGA.
You are the eternal light shining in the city of SYANANDURA. Oh Lord with lotus like eyes, you are unattainable by wicked ones. You have the sun & the moon for eyes. You are the savior of mother earth. You are Lord PADMANABHA, the Protector . You are like nectar to the good people.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)