Sl. No.32; Bhaavaye srigopaalam; Punnaga varaali; Roopaka; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Meditate upon SRI GOPALA, who is worshipped by SIVA and is the repository of all great virtues.
His lotus feet are worshipped by INDRA and others. He is to the formidable demons, what fire is to a dense forest.
He is the beacon light of the YADHU clan. VASUDEVA brought Him to YASODA. He protected good people by killing PUTANA. He was named KRISHNA by the sage GARGA. He amused himself by snitching butter from the houses of cowherd damsels. By opening his mouth wide, the Lord gave the vision of the universe to His mother. He is SRI KRISHNA, who with great compassion redeemed the two sons of KUBERA from their curse. Adorning peacock feather; in the company of the cowherds, He enjoyed the pristine waters of river YAMUNA.
He destroyed the demons who came in the guise of bulls to trouble the cowherds. His soft feet danced on the hood of the serpent KALIYA. He playfully stole the garments of the cowherd damsels on the banks of river KALINDI. He held aloft the GOVARDDHANA mountain with his dainty hand. He danced in the company of cowherd damsels the RASA dance. He is SRIKRISHNA who amuses in the lotus like hearts of the realized souls. He is the paragon of virtues. He destroyed a host of demons like VRSHA and others.
He vanquished the demon KESI. He was brought to the presence of KAMSA by AKRURA. In the crowded city of MATHURA. He transformed the hunchback SAIRANDHRI into a lovely maiden just by his touch. He killed KAMSA in the presence of the people of the city. He learned all SASTRA-s from the sage SANDIPANI. He helped UDDHAVA to overcome his ego. He contrived the death of JARASANDHA.
He entered the newly built DVARAKA. He is the lord of RUKMINI and eight other maidens. He removed the misery of the cowherd damsels pining for him. He expounded the supreme knowledge to ARJUNA. He bestowed abundant prosperity to the poor KUCELA. He fulfilled the promise to the brahmin by bringing to life his dead. He is SRI KRISHNA the younger brother of BALADEVA and His tresses are very dark. He, the lord of the world, PADMANABHA, resembles the rain bearing clouds. He is the lord of goddess LAKSHMI!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)