Sl. No:317; Saroruhaasana jaaye; Pantuvaraali; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit Artist: Madurai T.N. Sheshagopalan.
This composition is rendered in the 6th navarathri night.

Oh! Goddess SARASVATI, the consort of BRAHMA, I pray obeisance to you with great joy.
Your feet shine brilliantly from the reflections of the gem-studded crowns of INDRA and other distinguished celestials when they genuflect at your feet.
Your beauty surpasses that of the moon. You relieve the burden of the earth by destroying the wicked. You dwell in the center of the lotus flower. You gait is like that of the queen elephant. The curves of your eyebrows are prettier than the bow of Cupid. You can destroy the formidable ignorance of people by mere knitting of your eye brows. Oh! Spotless one! Your beautiful forehead is adorned with striking TILAKA.
The pure and beautiful golden ornaments add immensely to your charm. you are the supreme deity ruling the hearts of the ascetics who have conquered ego. Your glory is sung by a host of celestial damsels. Your soft smile excels the brilliance of moon. May you be victorious..
Your soft fingers, plucking the VINA strings producing auspicious music, look like a bunch of tender leaves. You, the wish yielding tree, remove the sorrow for your devotees. Your braids decorated with flowers are circled by honey bees, and your eyes are like fresh lotuses. Your bosom is smeared with fragrances like KASTURI. your waist is slim like the king of lions. You are embodiment of supreme knowledge. You are the queen of the world.
You are adorned with crescent moon. You are interested in protecting those who serve you. Hearing your exploits removes even heinous sins. Your heart brims with compassion. Your beautiful face and forehead are framed by the dense curly locks. Even the thousand tongued ANANTA-the king of serpents cannot describe your glory. Oh BHARATI! Cut asunder my ignorance at once. You are worshipped even by SIVA-who has an eye in his forehead. You are always engaged in serving the feet of Lord PADMANABHA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)