Sl. No:315; Saridisavasa; Thodi; Misra Chapu; Varnam; Saanskrit.

Oh PADMANABHA! Reclining on the Ocean of milk, protect me.
Abode of all virtues, your forehead is adorned with KASTURI TILAKA, the fragrant musk.
Oh PARAMAPURUSHA! Your body is dark-hued like the water-bearing clouds, you destroy the strategy of enemy platoon, you have charming lotus-shaped eyes. You are the wild forest-fire that burns down the heinous sins of your devotees. All celestial goddesses and the guards of eight directions - KUBERA, INDRA, AGNI, VAYU, NIRRTI, VARUNA, YAMA and ISANA-worship at your feet.
Oh Slayer of INDRA's enemies! You are handsome; bestow you blessings on me.
Protector of KUNTI's son- ARJUNA-from the dangers of relentless cruelty of KAURAVA-s. May your blessings be with me always.
You, with face shining like full moon, held aloft the GOVARDHANA mountain to protect the cows and cowherds from torrential rain; bestow your blessings on me.
Oh Vanquisher of monstrous demons! You are the solace and nectar of the lotus heart of ascetics; oh! The soft-spoken Master of the universe, oh GARUDAVAHANA! Protect me.
You are expert in the illusory manifestations. Oh Slayer of SISUPALA! You adorn garland of wild flowers, you confronted with the demon AGHA, while playing the exchange of garlands with the ladies, with the divine beauty of your conscious side-glance, please look upon us and bestow your grace on those who repose faith in you.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)