Sl. No:312; Sarasija nabha ninu; Kaambhoji; Ata; Varnam; Telugu.
Dr. B. Arundhathi.
T Lakshmanan Pillai, composer and writer says in his article on "Travancore Music and Musicians" that this is a composition of Ponnayya Pillai, a member of the great Tanjore Quartette, members of Swathi's court. Whoever the actual composer may be, as Mysore Vasudevachar puts it, this varnam is the final word in Kamboji.

Oh SARASIJANABHA! I offer my obeisance to you. This is the right time to show your compassion.
I always seek refuge at your feet. I say that only your feet are my destiny, accept my true prayers.
Oh SARVABHAUMA! Lord of the whole world!

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)