Sl. No.31; Bhaavaye saarasanaabham; Keera vaani; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

I mediate upon the effulgent form of SARASANABHA!
Your lotus feet are caressed by the hands of LAKSHMIDEVI and BHUDEVI.
You are the end of all sins. The beauty of your form mocks the Cupid. You fulfil the desires of all who bow before you. You are a delight to the hearts of BHRGU and NARADA. Your forehead is lovely and shining. You are the destroyer of the wicked. You destroyed the very wicked NARAKASURA. Your face mocks the autumnal moon.
You are dark like the lovely rain-cloud. Your garment is beautiful. Your forehead subdues the pride of the crescent moon. You are a delight to LAKSHMIDEVI and BHUDEVI. You uphold with your hand the mountain. You are Yama to the crowd of cruel demons. Your sport delights the three worlds. You are the honeybee sucking the nectar from the hearts of RISHI-s,
You are the ocean of boundless mercy. You take rest on the serpent. Your hair is dark like the fresh rain cloud. Those who bow at your feet get rid of anger. Your gentle smile removes the fear of celestials. Your nose is beautiful like the sea same flower. You perform the RASA dance in the sacred MADHUVANA. Your feet are illumined by the crown of INDRA.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)