Sl. No:309; Sarasija naabha muraare; Thodi; Chaapu; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Madurai T.N. Sheshagopalan.

Oh SARASIJANABHA! The vanquisher of the demon MURA, protect me. You are KULISA-battle axe to the mountain of sins. SAURE! please protect me always.
You adore SANKHA-a conch, CAKRA-a discus, GADA-a mace and AMBUJA-lotus, in your hands. Oh the consort of BHUDEVI and RAMADEVI! You dwell amidst the Ocean and bestow joy on your devotees.
You allay the fear of celestials and sages.Your lips are soft and red. Your gaze is brimming with supreme and infinite kindness. You are to MURA what the winds are to clouds. You are adorned with resplendent ornaments. Your feet are the joy of INDRA and others.
Your garments shine like gold; you relieved the miseries of PANDAVAs who were troubled by KAURAVAs. You have a visage like the lord of stars- the Moon. Oh the progenitor of Cupid! you amused yourself in the MADHUVANA. Your feet are like the red roses. Son of VASUDEVA! You are the supreme among the celestials.
Your form is exquisitely beautiful. You are the repository of all the auspicious qualities. You are to the onrushing army of demons, what GARUDA is to the serpent. Your gait excels that of the elephant in rut. Your teeth are like the spotless jasmine buds. You are perceived only through VEDANTA and AGAMAs.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)