Sl. No:308; Sarasija naabha kim; Ataana; Aadi ; Varnam; Saanskrit.

Oh SARASIJANABHA! Your eyes resemble lotus. What did I do to displease you?
I am afflicted by the arrows of Cupid constantly. You don't seem to have any mercy on me. Why are you not speaking to me at all today?
What is the difficulty for you to remove the sorrow of my heart? Your innumerable exploits are glorious. Time is running out. You are adored by BRAHMA, who was born of lotus from your navel. Oh beloved! Leave aside anger! Your lips are nectarine. You are adored by INDRA. This is the right time to show kindness. Oh one with a beautiful forehead like Cupid!
Oh destroyer of all evils of this world!
You subdued the pride of the whole clan of demons.
You have glory of protecting those who prostrate at your feet. Your form is like dark clouds.
Your words are ethical and sweet. They give immense pleasure. Your feet are worshipped by celestials. You are beautiful, flawless and pure. You recline on the serpent king.
Oh my dear! Kindly satisfy my wishes now. Your form is the most beautiful on earth. Delight me by giving your sweet lips. Give me happiness. Oh Lord of all worlds! Essence of all virtues! Your visage is blissful and restful after sporting. Your smile is soft and sweet.
You as a tortoise, supported this frightful world. Please show me the path after removing all the miseries of my mind.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)