Sl. No.30; Bhaavaye padmanaabham; Madhyamaavathi; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

I always meditate upon Lord PADMANABHA, who is the treasure trove of noble virtues.
He is the refuge to the celestials and sages; protector of hapless; bestower of auspiciousness; having a lotus like feet, one whose exploits are marvellous and pure. He is like axe in cutting the huge tree of sins. He is to those who seek refuge in him what sun is to the lotus; all pervading! One whose eyes excel lotus.
The one adorned with golden crown; fore head is adorned with KASTURI -the musk; he is, to the fierce demons, the burden on earth, what fire is to wood. His form is attractive to the maidens. The one who dissolves the afflictions of sentient and insentient, the charming one, inaccessible to those with evil deeds, one who is decorated with beautiful garlands and bracelets.
He dispelled the sorrows of the elephant, just as the wind dispells the cloud. His form is as effulgent as the beautiful cloud. Progenitor of Cupid; he is as mighty as the ocean and is worshipped by eminent ones; embodiment of generosity. One who delights with LAKSHMI! Reclines on the ocean of milk; sports gentle smile; dispeller of the dreadful miseries of cycle of existence. One who is effulgent with bright teeth that subdues the beauty of jasmine buds.
One who delights being worshipped by INDRA and others, one who is draped in the attire that surpasses the gold. He is the celestial tree to the host of devotees. He is the benevelent Lord, worshipped by eminent sages. Beholder of effulgent disc that equals hundreds of suns. He is radiant; sports GARUDA as the mount; one whose greatness was glorified by sage VYASA. He is most distinguished for his compassionate gracefull glance.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)