Sl. No. 292; Saarasa mridu vachana; Saaveri; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh SARASIJANABHA! May you be victorious! Your speech is as sweet as the essence of the lotus. All the celestials and others are entralled by it.
Oh the progenitor of Cupid, You are the most beautiful youth who destroys anger. Your face resembles the spotless moon.
Your gait is as majestic as that of an elephant. You have the glory of great exploits that proclaim you as bestower of desired boons upon those who worship your lotus feet. You reside on the bank of YAMUNA. Oh KARUNAKARA! MURAHARA! Your sport is enchanting. You are to the demons what a great fire is to a dense forest. Your head is adorned with beautiful flowers and You give comfort to all of your devotees.
Your form is beautiful as blue clouds; GARUDA is your chariot; you reduce the burden of the Mother Earth; you sport a soft smile. You are adored by BRAHMA and SIVA. You are the brother of BALADEVA; You have matchless mighty arms; You held aloft the mountain; you have beautiful cheeks. Your robe outshines gold. You are the originator of the world. You recline on the serpent.
Your forehead is adorned, by curly locks. You are the personification of virtuous deeds of the VRAJAVASI-s. Your teeth are more beautiful than jasmine buds. You are the embodiment of matchless beauty which entrals the hearts of the fair maidens. You allay the fear of the cycle of birth & death. Your form surpasses that of Cupid. You encompass all the virtues and you are kind to the nobles.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)