Sl. No. 291; Saarasa mridu pada; Kaambhoji; Aadi ; Varnam; Saanskrit.
Smt. Rajasree Warrier.

Oh SARASIJANABHA! Your lotus-like feet are most beautiful and soft. Please protect me with compassion.
Oh RAMANA-my lord! You are benevolent like PARIJATA; your forehead shines with TILAKA; with your sweet words make me happy now.
Your are as great as the ocean; you have the gait of the king elephant; your feet are desirous of protecting the celestials; your lovely teeth are spotless, and the cool breeze of the hill attracts me. Oh the Lord of the universe! The sweet sound of cuckoo intoxicates the mind; which makes this experience unique; you have none equal; your smile enchants all the minds; your hair is dark blue and you are the vanquisher of the clan of demons.
You are like Cupid.
Do ameliorate my agony with your words which excels ambrosia.
Oh, the quintessence of love! Aha! Reveal to me the bygone feelings at once.
I am afflicted by multitude of emotions and is heart broken. In the night, even the cool rays of full moon burns like fire. You are the embodiment of compassion; adorned with golden attire and brimming with sentiments of love.
Give me your lips now, which is the repository of the essence of honey, oh my favourite GIRIDHARA! Contently come near me and unite with me immediately, oh the one who has the glory of being generous! Oh the moon-faced! Lotus-eyed! You are the treasure trove of all comforts, come to my couch, oh the one who equals Cupid! Without you, now I feel inadequate.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)