Sl. No. 289; Saarasa dala; Gauri; Matyam; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.

Oh Lord! Your beautiful eyes resemble the lotus petals. All the celestials worship you with great joy. May you be victorious!
Oh the lord of LAKSHMI! the bestower of boons, you are adored by people devoid of ego. Oh JALAJANABHA! You are the progenitor of Cupid, and terror to te enemies.
Your face resembles that of the spotless moon. A host of ascetics revel in your great attributes. By the prowess of your shoulder, you destroy the wicked. You recline on the serpent. BRAHMA worships your lotus feet, which are the refuge of all the people . You annihilate the evils of KALI. Oh destroyer of the demon MURA! you are full of compassion.
You are always engaged in reducing the burden of mother earth. You sport a gentle smile. Your crown shines brilliantly like hundreds of suns. You are adorned with beautiful amules. GARUDA is your mount. History proclaims your expertise in destroying the cycle of birth and death. Your raiment shine like molten gold. You bless your devotees with good fortune.
Your forehead is adorned with KASTURI TILAKA musk; your sweet words can surpass necar; you reside in MADHUVANA; you are majestic as ocean and none is equal to you. You are worshipped by SIVA; you create fear in demon. Oh Uncomparable! please guide me and bestow me with good fortunes.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)